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Few Advantages of Opting for Hand Car Wash in Chicago

While automatic car wash services have gained a lot of popularity in the past decade, their lack of contact tends to greatly obstruct the ability to entirely clean and top up a car. A hand wash helps to identify various problems that automatic wash might not be able to, as well as it gives the ability to pay damaged spots a good amount of additional attention. While performing hand wash, the professionals give special attention to your car.  In addition, most automatic car washes will use either air drying technology, or a hand drying with a towel. But, these types of methods tend to leave extensive water spotting and exterior scratching respectively as compared to a proper hand drying with a fresh, microfiber cloth. For vintage or expensive cars, hand washing may be worth the consideration.

Hand Car Wash in Chicago

Hand Car Wash in Chicago

Time should not be a factor, as Hand Car Wash in Chicago tends to be far better in every way when compared to automatic car wash services. In today’s world, where busy schedules with long hours work engagements are quite common, a mix of both ways – automatic and hand car wash may be the best option. Hand wash along with the corresponding additional steps such as polishing, claying and waxing should be done whenever time allows, for best results. Automatic car wash and quick detailing should be better in order to help slow the accumulation of grime and dirtafter particularly dusty days or any time when the weather is particularly severe. By combining both of these great options as time allows, you can actually get the best of both worlds and a cleaner, better than ever looking car as a result.